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Welcome to the mining metaverse of NFTs!
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Mining Magnate is an NFT based game where you can collect, earn, win and use your NFTs while you can buy mining land, hire miners, and mine ore for wealth.

At the same time, by exploring the open mining metaverse, it is up to you to decide whether to expand your territory and become a Lord, or to become a technological overlord by specializing in science and technology, or to expand production and become a mining magnate with unparalleled wealth.

Mining Metaverse
Grand map, open world
The mining metaverse is made up of tens of millions of terrain grids, including mines, forests, plains, and so on.The sheer number of terrain grids means that the events triggered by exploration are random, and each player's journey is different, with each day a new adventure.
Mining Game
Easy leisure, rich income
After the player hires miners, they can send them to the mine. The mined raw ore can be smelted to obtain concentrate or sold directly. It is also possible to dig up all kinds of treasures, such as antiques, which can be exchanged for high profits.
Trading Market
Free trade in various ways
The raw ore can be refined into higher quality concentrate by smelting furnace, and the concentrate can also be synthesized into metal products. Raw ore, concentrate, metal products can be traded in the market, players can also complete regular commercial orders, can obtain substantial remuneration.
Build Synthesis Game
Free synthesis, rich products
Players can synthesize all kinds of concentrate into products, products have different properties, with trading and collection value. The variety of products is rich, including scientific research tools, building materials, combat equipment, etc. Meet the development needs of players.
Explore Combat Game
Plunder and Defense
Unfriendly players will pick fights for resources. Players can form a team of miners to fight. Successful defenses are rewarded; Defense failures cost resources. Players can also actively search for enemies to plunder; The higher the enemy's strength, the greater the expected gain.
When miners are hired, they can be sent to work in mines.?When confronted with a battle, miners can also be formed into a team, victory will be rewarded.?The higher the quality of the miner, the more efficient the mining, and the stronger the combat stat.
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Project development director
She is calm and capable, with quick thinking and good management planning and organization and coordination ability.?Her team's work "The Rebirth" was mainly targeted at The blockchain market, and it has achieved monthly payment of 200W.
Project Lead Programmer
He's a racing game developer from a top game studio, and the team that brought KASHIRO, a groundbreaking sub-series, into its fourth game.
Project operation director
He has a strong sense of responsibility, innovation and team spirit.?In charge of game operation management, vulnerability analysis and prevention in the project.
Project Lead Graphic Designer
She has more than ten years of art leadership experience, responsible for the art style design of projects, to ensure the unity of the art style pace and the art department's drawing process.
Project Master Designer
He plays the role of helmsman in the team with flexible thinking and is responsible for The gameplay design of The whole game. He was in charge of The team's development of The Rebirth and achieved monthly payment of 200W.
Marketing Specialist
He is passionate, creative and good at opening up new ideas.?Responsible for game channel expansion and business docking of the project.
Manager Operations
She is capable and meticulous, with good overall management ability, and having experiece in financially manmaging multiple companies.Responsible for project token issuance and management.
Road Map
Phase 1 Dec.2021
  • Game concept formation
  • Official website launched
Phase 4 Oct.2022
  • V3.0 online
  • PVP arena
Phase 2 Feb.2022
  • V1.0 online
  • Include mining mineral, miner upgrade function
  • Smelting mineral, shop function
Phase 3 Jul.2022
  • V2.0 online
  • Open world exploration events
  • Technology tree development function
  • Synthetic build, merchant order function
  • Combat system, explore defensive combat
Phase 4 Oct.2022
  • V3.0 online
  • PVP arena
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